No, my PhD topic will not be the various and sundry ways to execute people.  Tempting as it may be.

As I wander home from work, I cogitate on various topics.  Initially, I had to resolve how I would use the money potentially won in the lottery.  Since you can win different amounts, you need to have a general game plan – should the occasion arise.  Now that I have my financial plans firmly in hand, I am ruminating on topics for classes.  What do the little varmints of today need to learn?  How can I use a history curricula to properly influence the next generation?

After spending a week cleaning up other people’s messes at work, two themes emerged:  accountability and responsibility.  I find it shocking how people blithely ignore potential problems and just want until a client complains about a problem.  The concept of preventing/resolving the problem before the client sees it is novel and unwelcome.  My contribution to the workforce of the future is an examination of leadership.  Why is one leader (in any realm:  business, government, sciences) considered more effective than another?

My current theory revolves around execution.  The “vision thing” is critical to inspire people to join your cause.  Pragmatically implementing the programs/tasks to realize the vision is another critical skill.  Some leaders are bogged down by the practicalities of implementation.  Others lack charisma or inspiration.  Great leaders (FDR, JP Morgan, Attila the Hun) give their followers 1) a vision and 2) a plan to achieve the vision.  If that plan isn’t executed properly, history is a harsh judge.


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