Thread Wrangling

For the needleworkers and organized people in the crowd, Mary Corbett shared her thread cabinets on her blog and reiterated the right tools-right job concept.  Other readers have shared their systems.  Here is mine.  I store most of my fibers, frames, fabrics, and kits in this one closet.  I do have some small decorative chests that also hold thread, including all my DMC.  I also found a map cabinet on clearance, which I use for fabric – satisfying my desires for 1) a map cabinet and 2) flat fabric storage.  Half of the closet contains a portable coat rack and shelves.  The other half contains the following series of cabinets.

Here are the fiber drawers.  Originally CD drawers from Bed, Bath, & Beyond (I think they have been discontinued 😦 ), they allow you to store your skeins flat and are handy for storing rolls of tape.

Yes, I also have a wooden tackle box.  Got it at Marshalls for $40 or $50.  The drawers are felt-lined and contain my soie d’alger and miscellaneous items/tools.  To the left you see three storage cube units, stacked on top of one another.

I store framed needlework projects, empty frames, kits, fabric, and patterns in the cubes. As you see, the pre-made fabric drawers are handy, but optional.  When Target put them on clearance for $2, I bought a bunch.  You don’t have to use them in the cube system.  I use them on regular shelves.  When I don’t need them, they collapse and are easy to store.  I did splurge for my Kreinik and other spooled thread storage.

Sadly, I was unable to purchase the spooled thread holders on clearance.  You can get lucky with Jo-Ann’s coupons.  You don’t always see the big racks in the stores, though.  I don’t like plastic, so I try to use wood as much as possible.  Plus, I like to see my pretties. Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, and Jo-Anns also go through phases of stocking fabric lined chests of various sizes.  Use the coupons to your advantage and troll the stores every so often.

My advice for folks is to focus on the items that you are going to store, not on the type of container.  Beaders have used watch boxes for years, because the form fits the function.  My continually trolling of Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls has yielded nice faux leather office desk drawer organizers that I actually use in my bathroom drawers.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond has jewelry drawer inserts that can also be used to hold small items, like beads or charms – using your 30% off coupon.  Know what you want to store, how you want to store it, and then look for container that fits your needs.  I spent a decade working on my system.  I’ll probably tweak it, but I am now reasonably satisfied with my set up.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.